Back to It!

Hello, friends! It has been a few months since my last post, but all for good reason: I had a travel opportunity! Isn’t that the goal when working on a travel blog? A friend of mine was discussing an upcoming trip to Japan, a place I’ve long wished to visit, and I half-jokingly asked if I could tag along. My friend, being one of the coolest, most relaxed travelers I’ve met said, “Sure!” That was in February and the trip was in June. That is a pretty quick time frame for someone like me on a student budget to save up for an international trip, so I focused my free time on earning and saving money. That meant I had to give the blog a break for a bit. Now I’m back and excited to get back into blogging, including some vintage-inspired posts straight from Tokyo! Here are a couple of photos from my stay:


Gachapons (or “Gachas”) are these fantastic coin machines similar to what we’d call a “quarter machine” in the USA. While we have some pretty lame prizes, the gachas are a couple dollars and much more interesting. I mean, bunny ears for your cat? I could have spent hundreds of dollars on all the fun, unique, and super cute prizes in these machines found all over Tokyo.


While in Tokyo I had some delicious ramen at Ichiran. It’s a chain of ramen shops that are also known for being introvert-friendly: you order through a machine and sit in a little cubby-like station by yourself. It was taking me back in time to the school test days where teachers put dividers up so you couldn’t look at anyone’s paper. It was absolutely delicious and budget friendly.


We also had an opportunity to venture out of Tokyo and see the Giant Buddha (“Daibutsu”) in Kamakura. I had seen photos of the statue before we left, but it was incredible to walk up the steps and see it in person. The patina on the bronze was rich and marbling in a way my camera couldn’t quite capture and it boggled my mind to think that it has been there since the 1200’s.


Lastly, I also was able to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea! If you’ve browsed this blog you can tell I’m a big Disney fan so I was beyond excited to visit the parks. While I visited in June, the parks were still in full Easter celebration with lots of cute decor and souvenir items.

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to get to take a trip like this with a group of fun and easy going travelers, but it definitely felt too short and I hope to visit again someday. Have you ever been to Japan? What was your favorite place to visit?


Every Day is a Holiday

Happy 2017! I can’t believe that the new year is already upon us (a few days in, actually) and I am excited for what the year ahead brings. I took some time away from Amerikitsch to focus on school last year but I am working on my time management skills (a worthy resolution) to make 2017 a year of great things for Amerikitsch– I hope to add vintage signs, shops, restaurants, and other finds that travelers in Southern California can enjoy.

For a Christmas gift I got this fun calendar that includes what different events and holidays are celebrated each day. It’s called “Every Day’s a Holiday” and that’s how I want to think of 2017– to be happy, to be hopeful, and have celebration in mind. Last year was tough for many people, myself included, and I like to think that the new year can be a fresh start to better days. If those better days happen to include days like, “Chocolate Cake Day” or “International Bagpipe Day,” all the better!

I wish you a fantastic new year and I hope that you check back for more vintage inspired and travel posts.

 photo holidaycalendar01_zpslest8cvu.jpg

Here are the first few months from my calendar with all the different “holidays” and events. Who knows, you may want to plan a Puzzle Day party?!

 photo holidaycalendar02_zpsyosivhiw.jpg

 photo holidaycalendar03_zpsjrnnsarf.jpg

 photo holidaycalendar04_zps17d6ryhk.jpg

 photo holidaycalendar05_zpsmmavie2h.jpg

 photo holidaycalendar06_zpsfc7msvrz.jpg

 photo holidaycalendar07_zps1k1mjo7h.jpg

Have a wonderful 2017, friends!


Hello and thank you for checking out Amerikitsch! My name is Chelsea and I have been a fan of vintage aesthetics and travel for as long as I can remember– and I have decided to merge the two interests into a blog!

I plan to have posts about different travel destinations I have visited and tips to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. I will also be covering some of my vintage collections and shining a light on older (but still beloved!) spots, predominately throughout the west coast.

Please be sure to check back in the coming weeks– I will be posting entries on my family’s trip to Orlando last year and will have individual entries for the different Disney parks, hotels, as well as some posts on Universal Studios and the surrounding areas– want to take your picture in front of a giant ice cream? I know the spot! Now, isn’t that kitsch?

Thanks again and see you soon!