The Buffet at Wynn Casino

I’ve been seeing plenty of “Christmas in July” events on tv so I browsed my trip photos from Las Vegas last December to see if I had anything I could post. We had dinner at The Buffet, located in the Wynn Casino, and it was very beautiful and tasty. While we went at Christmas-time, the buffet had a brightly colored, Alice in Wonderland-like atmosphere. Here are some photos:


While it was December, the hotel had gorgeous holiday decor all around, including these bright, sparkling trees. The restaurant itself was not holiday themed and has its own bright and fun look.


After walking through the line passed the cashier, the room opens up to this fantastical display of mixed flowers and fruit.


There was a great mix of food, with soups, salads, carving stations, etc.


Their seafood section was very popular.


My favorite area was the dessert room– the decorations were so pretty! They had tall fountains and cones decorated with brightly colored faux desserts.


Their desserts were small “two-biters” as my Dad says, a nice size to sample multiple goodies.


While I didn’t have any ice cream/sorbet/gelato, I loved this feature– a spinning wheel of frozen desserts! It sat on an angle and the worker would spin the wheel when people ordered a flavor. It was a big hit with the crowd and the most popular area in the dessert room.





The Buffet has multiple rooms and can accommodate large parties; I would just call ahead for a big group. Each room has beautiful and bright details and I think this would be a beautiful place for birthdays or even bridal events.


The Wynn casino is definitely a higher end casino in Las Vegas, so the prices and ambiance reflect that. It’s not a place I will visit every time I go to the Strip as it was a bit pricey, but I enjoyed the meal and really enjoyed walking around and taking in the atmosphere. For the budget conscious, I would consider trying to go mid-week or consider trying the breakfast or lunch. It’s a beautiful spot for a delicious meal.


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