The Pie Hole in Orange, CA

Did you know that January 23rd is National Pie Day? I thought I’d celebrate with a post on the Pie Hole, a tasty pie joint in the city of Orange, CA.

 photo PH01_zps9y89edxe.jpg

The Pie Hole is located at the corner of Glassell and Maple in Orange. If you’ve visited Orange, you probably know about all the great antique shops and have maybe visited Chapman University. They are both in walking distance from the restaurant.

 photo PH02_zpswspucvqk.jpg

The shop is on the smaller side, which was fine for a mid-week visit, but I bet it gets busy on the weekends! It is a quick-serve spot where you order and find a seat and they bring your items to you.

 photo PH03_zpsc8cxpxsl.jpg

I tried to get a pic of the partial menu, but it was a bright and sunny day so there’s a little reflection! This does not include the specialty drinks and be mindful of ordering– when they’re out of something it’s done for the day! So I recommend visiting early if you have something special or popular in mind. On this trip the BLT salads were already sold out.

 photo PH04_zpsn4kpfnbd.jpg

 photo PH05_zpsphlcc9ej.jpg

Many of their pies, both sweet and savory, are on display.

 photo PH06_zpsfo4etik4.jpg

They also have some merch and coffee available for sale.

 photo PH07_zpsgcyne6fv.jpg

Of course when I got there I decided I’d make a blog post and take photos, but when my Chicken & Cornbread pie arrived at the table all blog thoughts left my brain and I dug in! It wasn’t until I was about halfway through did I remember I wanted to take pictures of my meal. It was very tasty; nice and hot with great flavor! I also had some Mexican Chocolate pie for dessert, which was delicious and rich.

 photo PH08_zps6flgxm4u.jpg

My trip to the Pie Hole made for an excellent lunch. I will say that I am on a student budget, so it’s not a place I could visit all the time, but I do enjoy it for a sweet treat. If you’re walking around Orange Circle and enjoying shops I recommend stopping in and enjoying a slice or a hand pie to go! The dirty chai is also excellent and I look forward to getting another one soon.
The Pie Hole has a few locations in the LA/OC area (and apparently one in Japan?!), so check out their site here for more info and see if one is near you!