Vintage Shopping at Beyond the Ranch in Redmond, Oregon

 photo BTR01_zps0fnhd1uk.jpg

I am so happy to show you pictures from one of my favorite shops in Oregon, Beyond the Ranch! In my previous thrift post and #VEF post I showed some matchbooks I picked up at this store. I stopped here with my family while spending some time in Redmond over the summer. It has a mix of vintage and newer items with added-on rooms and an outdoor space. If you have time to visit, make sure you give yourself time to browse.

 photo BTR03_zpscspkfvzg.jpg

There’s a lot of great western theme items, which I don’t see too much in California.

 photo BTR02_zpsnjqbwbgt.jpg

You can see a mix of antique, vintage, and newer items. I *totally* meant to grab this rhythm tray but it was the first thing I saw when I walked in and I didn’t want to carry it around. Then I forgot to pick it up, bummer! I love the colors on it.

 photo BTR05_zpsswez7xau.jpg

I really liked the vignettes set up throughout the store– the displays looked good and similar items were grouped together.

 photo BTR04_zpspdqhw3qm.jpg

They even had some cute clothing.

 photo BTR06_zpsmygs0d46.jpg

You walk around the store and there are a bunch of small rooms stuffed with treasures.

 photo BTR07_zpsr1zccp3i.jpg

The boot collection was pretty good.

 photo BTR08_zpsfhkrcdme.jpg

 photo BTR09_zpsdf9a1a2t.jpg

My mom and I loved seeing all the cowboy and skiing gear as it’s not too common in SoCal. Also, is that portrait by the skis Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain?

 photo BTR10_zpsp64saiml.jpg

So you walk out of the main part of the shop and there is a barn-like structure with MORE little rooms. They had SO. MUCH. GOOD. STUFF!

 photo BTR11_zpstwnu8kpv.jpg

One of the mini rooms in the “barn” was military themed.

 photo BTR12_zpsz2an1hw6.jpg

They also have signage in the back.

 photo BTR13_zpsiobeau6t.jpg

More western treasures!

 photo BTR14_zpsr8nmhcvf.jpg

Once you pass through the barn area there was a whole outdoor space with rusty gold.

 photo BTR15_zpsslv34lsz.jpg

They have this gem out back. My mom asked the price out of curiosity and the owner said that this was probably the only thing that isn’t for sale!

 photo BTR16_zpssuvy5c9c.jpg

I highly, highly recommend checking out this shop if you’re in the Redmond area. If you’re into thrifting and antiquing, Redmond would be a good stop– they also had a Goodwill and an antique mall called Farmers Co-Op (which was very close to this shop).

Have you visited any good thrift/antique stores in Oregon? Let me know where to go in the comments!


The Pie Hole in Orange, CA

Did you know that January 23rd is National Pie Day? I thought I’d celebrate with a post on the Pie Hole, a tasty pie joint in the city of Orange, CA.

 photo PH01_zps9y89edxe.jpg

The Pie Hole is located at the corner of Glassell and Maple in Orange. If you’ve visited Orange, you probably know about all the great antique shops and have maybe visited Chapman University. They are both in walking distance from the restaurant.

 photo PH02_zpswspucvqk.jpg

The shop is on the smaller side, which was fine for a mid-week visit, but I bet it gets busy on the weekends! It is a quick-serve spot where you order and find a seat and they bring your items to you.

 photo PH03_zpsc8cxpxsl.jpg

I tried to get a pic of the partial menu, but it was a bright and sunny day so there’s a little reflection! This does not include the specialty drinks and be mindful of ordering– when they’re out of something it’s done for the day! So I recommend visiting early if you have something special or popular in mind. On this trip the BLT salads were already sold out.

 photo PH04_zpsn4kpfnbd.jpg

 photo PH05_zpsphlcc9ej.jpg

Many of their pies, both sweet and savory, are on display.

 photo PH06_zpsfo4etik4.jpg

They also have some merch and coffee available for sale.

 photo PH07_zpsgcyne6fv.jpg

Of course when I got there I decided I’d make a blog post and take photos, but when my Chicken & Cornbread pie arrived at the table all blog thoughts left my brain and I dug in! It wasn’t until I was about halfway through did I remember I wanted to take pictures of my meal. It was very tasty; nice and hot with great flavor! I also had some Mexican Chocolate pie for dessert, which was delicious and rich.

 photo PH08_zps6flgxm4u.jpg

My trip to the Pie Hole made for an excellent lunch. I will say that I am on a student budget, so it’s not a place I could visit all the time, but I do enjoy it for a sweet treat. If you’re walking around Orange Circle and enjoying shops I recommend stopping in and enjoying a slice or a hand pie to go! The dirty chai is also excellent and I look forward to getting another one soon.
The Pie Hole has a few locations in the LA/OC area (and apparently one in Japan?!), so check out their site here for more info and see if one is near you!

Vintage Ephemera Friday #009

Ephemera is defined as something that is not meant to last long– often paper goods. I find myself picking up matchbook covers, postcards, and old magazines at estate sales, flea markets, etc. I know that there are plenty others who dig this stuff too so I’ve decided to post a new piece every Friday as a series, “Vintage Ephemera Friday,” or #VEF on IG.

I encourage anyone else who reads this to also post cool old ephemeral goods (old papers, pins, magnets, pretty much all advertisement goods, whatever you like!) and post it with both “#VintageEphemeraFriday” and “#VEF” tags so in the future others can search through the collective finds.

For my 9th VEF post I’m showing a small vintage photo I purchased at a flea market. I remember the seller had bins and bins full of photos for $1 each and I liked this little photo. The woman, “Luella,” is yelling something (I’m guessing at the photographer?) through the screen door.

 photo Luella1_zps49hfv1fn.jpg

I often find on older photos there is writing on the front, but older ones have it on the back– I’m guessing that changed when photos weren’t printed with a border? I wonder what she was saying…

 photo Luella2_zpspms1uvvk.jpg

I also love her stripe top– still fashionable over 70 years later!

Please feel free to join in and post your vintage ephemera finds here or on IG on Fridays! #vintageephemerafriday #vef

Vintage Signage Post: Merrill Motel & The Polar Bear

I’ve been a longtime fan of old signs. I think they’re so much more interesting than today’s common backlit box signs. They’re more expensive, but are a great detail for any business.

Driving around Southern California there are still a lot of cool old signs around, although they are being torn down on the regular. I lost all my old pictures on my last computer (an expensive and sad lesson learned about the values of external hard drives) so I often bring my camera with me to recapture old faves and stop whenever I come across new-to-me vintage gems.

Over the Summer I took a trip up in the PNW where we passed through many interesting towns. One of them was Merrill, Oregon. I loved the look of a small motel and diner.

 photo MerrillM1_zps66d7wqfx.jpg

This sign is a bit more contemporary than what I usually stop for, but I loved the wooden “welcome” sign underneath the motel sign.

 photo MerrillM2_zpsclxlru8d.jpg

Just off the road are the rooms– I don’t know if it is just these 3, but I love their shade covering; it has a little Googie vibe.

 photo PolarBear2_zpsvnizmsv3.jpg

Then just down the road we came upon the Polar Bear. It looked like an awesome classic diner.

 photo PolarBear1_zpsfw6myx64.jpg

Their neon sign has some deco details and I thought the painted windows were pretty cute!

 photo PolarBear3_zpsab9pgcga.jpg

Their burger & fries sign with arrow may have seen better days, but it has the patina of classic advertising. Both businesses were pleasant surprises to the vintage traveler out on the road.

Dino-rific Fun at Animal Kingdom Park

 photo AK_01_zpsdvxrdicd.jpg

Last Summer I had many posts on my family’s trip to Walt Disney World in late 2014, but got caught up in Summer school classes and didn’t complete posting them all (yes, Summer school in college to get it done!). I still have a couple hotel and restaurant posts to add here, but I noticed I didn’t write about Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. To be honest, I have very mixed feelings about parks that involve animals, and we spent the least amount of time in this park, which I think is why I put this off. But, there are many things to do and see at Animal Kingdom. My personal favorite was the kitschy “dino-rific” Dinosaur themed area called “Chester & Hester’s Dino-rama” inside Dinoland U.S.A.

 photo AK_05_zpsrwlxtvip.jpg

The dino area has lots of carnival type games, shops, and some spots to eat. If you are a vintage style fan like me (aren’t you? isn’t that how you found me?), you will absolutely adore this cute and kooky area.

 photo AK_09_zpsjmjycg7a.jpg

 photo AK_06_zpsy8ysgg4r.jpg

This little walk up counter is so cute and I love the teardrop camper style with dino decor.

 photo AK_08_zpsmswgrwey.jpg

They have a perfectly themed out shop that resembles classic roadside attractions.

 photo AK_07_zpsu2zufwye.jpg

I was there in December so there were nice holiday touches everywhere!

 photo AK_10_zps1t4vsdor.jpg

Continuing on the dino theme, they also have a Dinosaur ride. It’s a quick moving car ride, similar to the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. I didn’t know that during the ride a picture is taken and when I got back home we got sent the photos from our magic bands. My ride photo is easily the most ridiculous picture I’ve seen of myself. Maybe I’ll post it here someday… or not!

 photo AK_11_zpsfuqzseoy.jpg

We enjoyed lunch inside the dino-rama area– this restaurant was really cool because it was made to look like the campsite for the archaeologists working in the dino land.

 photo AK_12_zpsexiobql2.jpg

There was also an airstream attached that you could sit in and eat inside. It’s clearly a popular spot, as many people where inside so I didn’t take any photos.

 photo AK_13_zpsrurcn4ju.jpg

From my posts you can tell that I love vintage signage, so I was loving how much vintage styling is found inside the Disney parks. They really go full out in the design process and it’s fun to see. This walk up eatery mixes the dinosaur and vintage theming perfectly!

 photo AK_02_zpsmugdxnj4.jpg

As we walked through the park there were impromptu shows and we came across a trainer with this beautiful bird. The colors were even more vibrant in person.

 photo AK_04_zpswfbgqj57.jpg

Like I mentioned before I visited in December and I really enjoyed all the holiday decor.

 photo AK_15_zpsktatna15.jpg

Just as each park and each hotel has their own “vibe” the decorations also followed those themes. It was all very beautiful.

 photo AK_14_zpsllqxsyse.jpg

While not specific for the holidays, I loved the looks of the decorated trees. The park has sections for different parts of the world and this was in the Asian region. Each area you go through really feels like you’ve transported around the world.

 photo AK_16_zpsmzjgjjfo.jpg

The big event of the park is the safari ride. I absolutely recommend getting a fast pass if possible as we waited in standby and it was quite a long wait.

 photo AK_03_zpsvbd95i8f.jpg

In the center of the park is the tree of life. You can see it pretty much after you enter the park; it’s size is incredible.

 photo AK_17_zpscvavsi6o.jpg

You can walk closer to the tree by entering the “It’s tough to be a bug” show. We’ve seen it at California Adventure so we skipped the show, but the workers will help direct you if you want to look at the tree details.

 photo AK_18_zpsc1ymv4xq.jpg

Take some time to walk around it and see all the detailed “carvings” of the different animals.

So while I didn’t spend a lot of time at this park, I enjoyed walking around. It has great design, and I especially love the kitschy goodness of the dino-rama area. If planning a trip, I highly recommend:
– getting fast passes ahead of time for popular attractions like Kilimanjaro Safari // Kali River Rapids // Expedition Everest
– Watch the Festival of the Lion King live show. I didn’t take any pictures as there are acrobatic performers, but it was the best live show in any of the parks.
– Wear comfy closed toe shoes. There are many walking trails throughout the park and you could easily put in 10+ miles if you were to spend the whole day visiting all the attractions.

I hope this gives you a little information if you’re planning on visiting Animal Kingdom park. I know that they are currently constructing an Avatar-theme land which I’m sure will be quite popular! When I travel I’m always on the hunt for some vintage goodness, and even Disney delivers with so wonderful vintage-inspired attractions.
Have you visited Animal Kingdom park? What was your favorite part?

Vintage Ephemera Friday #008

Ephemera is defined as something that is not meant to last long– often paper goods. I find myself picking up matchbook covers, postcards, and old magazines at estate sales, flea markets, etc. I know that there are plenty others who dig this stuff too so I’ve decided to post a new piece every Friday as a series, “Vintage Ephemera Friday,” or #VEF on IG.

I encourage anyone else who reads this to also post cool old ephemeral goods (old papers, pins, magnets, pretty much all advertisement goods, whatever you like!) and post it with both “#VintageEphemeraFriday” and “#VEF” tags so in the future others can search through the collective finds.

For my 8th VEF post I’m showing the matchbooks from the previous thrift post. I had mentioned how much I liked a shop called “Beyond the Ranch” in Oregon. They had a huge basket full of old matchbooks and they were priced at only .25 each! That is quite the deal to a California thrifter like me who usually finds matchbooks for $1 a piece. I was so excited by the deal that I pulled the basket up to the counter and started going through it and picked up $5 worth of books.

 photo Ranchbooks01_zps4mlgw7uk.jpg

I tend to pick out ones that have bright graphics, vegas hotels or restaurants, and food theme ones. While I am not a smoker, I do enjoy finding these old forms of advertising.

 photo Ranchbooks02_zpszvxrkptu.jpg

I also dig the books with artwork from the locations– the pink tables and umbrellas are precious I wish I could visit!

 photo Ranchbooks03_zpsc7ipjs64.jpg

I also managed to pick up some from the same businesses. I love that Bishop’s is “fussier for you.”

 photo Ranchbooks04_zpsvwmg5rwk.jpg

The books that have artwork across both sides are interesting finds, and so weird: I’ve always seen “Big Boy” from Bob’s Big Boy but apparently he’s also from Marc’s as well? I’m guessing it must be a regional find.

 photo Ranchbooks05_zpshxgfpuca.jpg

I especially like the Franciscan book as you get an idea of what the restaurant looked like.

Please feel free to join in and post your vintage ephemera finds here or on IG on Fridays! #vintageephemerafriday #vef

Thrifting in Oregon

 photo ORthrift_01_zpsdaelbhnd.jpg

 photo ORthrift_07_zpsob88r54q.jpg

Over the Summer I was able to take a trip with my family to Oregon. As I love visiting thrift stores here in California I hoped to find a few stores on the trip. I was lucky to visit a few and scoop up some great finds!

 photo ORthrift_02_zps0qgojfoo.jpg

I love vintage brooches and found both of these in Redmond, OR. They have a Goodwill and also some great antique shops. I loved a shop there called “Beyond the Ranch” which I will cover in another post because I took a ton of pictures while I shopped.

 photo ORthrift_04_zpsecf9bybi.jpg

I also purchased my first pose doll in the Redmond Goodwill. I loved her Mrs. Claus outfit!

 photo ORthrift_03_zpsdrsx3yqn.jpg

This Disneyland tin also came from GW in Redmond. I’m always happy to find old Disney merch while thrifting; I love this design with characters at park attractions.

 photo ORthrift_09_zpsssaqmrmh.jpg

This tourist cream and sugar souvenir set from Canada is kitschtastic and I hope to include it in an upcoming project!

 photo ORthrift_08_zpsadehseju.jpg

While in Salem we came across a Value Village (like Savers) but it was about to close. I just walked through the housewares and sewing/craft section and found a couple of bags of vintage patterns! I love the vintage graphics and once I strengthen my sewing skills hopefully I can put these patterns to use.

 photo ORthrift_05_zpsod96cffl.jpg

I came across some brass figures and candlesticks from two shops– a GW in Tillamook and another in Redmond. I’m not a big candle person but I love the pineapple detailing. There were a ton of brass animals at one of the Goodwill’s but I decided to stick with the deer. Like any shopping trip while traveling, I had to be mindful of space.

 photo ORthrift_06_zps2rtmuvxr.jpg

While in Portland my mom and I made a stop at Monticello Antiques and I found this killer lime basket purse. It was a fun shop– I also picked up some vintage postcards, a mixed vintage fabric bag, and the palm tree tie in the picture above.

Thrifting in another state was a lot of fun! While I was traveling with non-thrifters I tried to be mindful of my time and didn’t stay in any store too long. I focused on the housewares section and avoided clothing because I didn’t know what access I’d have to a washing machine.

**TIP: Before traveling, search for antique stores or antique malls (or flea markets or whatever you’re looking for) on Yelp and Instagram. I wrote a few addresses down ahead of time for cities I’d be visiting. If you have some unexpected free time in a town, just search on Google Maps under “thrift” or “antique.” That’s how I found the majority of the shops. Luck also had me passing by a few while on the road.

A few of my fave antique (non-thrift) shops:
– The Mercantile in Springfield, OR
– Monticello Antique Market in Portland, OR
– Antiques and Art on Main in Pendleton, OR
– Farmers Co-op in Redmond, OR
– Beyond the Ranch in Redmond, OR