Every Day is a Holiday

Happy 2017! I can’t believe that the new year is already upon us (a few days in, actually) and I am excited for what the year ahead brings. I took some time away from Amerikitsch to focus on school last year but I am working on my time management skills (a worthy resolution) to make 2017 a year of great things for Amerikitsch– I hope to add vintage signs, shops, restaurants, and other finds that travelers in Southern California can enjoy.

For a Christmas gift I got this fun calendar that includes what different events and holidays are celebrated each day. It’s called “Every Day’s a Holiday” and that’s how I want to think of 2017– to be happy, to be hopeful, and have celebration in mind. Last year was tough for many people, myself included, and I like to think that the new year can be a fresh start to better days. If those better days happen to include days like, “Chocolate Cake Day” or “International Bagpipe Day,” all the better!

I wish you a fantastic new year and I hope that you check back for more vintage inspired and travel posts.

 photo holidaycalendar01_zpslest8cvu.jpg

Here are the first few months from my calendar with all the different “holidays” and events. Who knows, you may want to plan a Puzzle Day party?!

 photo holidaycalendar02_zpsyosivhiw.jpg

 photo holidaycalendar03_zpsjrnnsarf.jpg

 photo holidaycalendar04_zps17d6ryhk.jpg

 photo holidaycalendar05_zpsmmavie2h.jpg

 photo holidaycalendar06_zpsfc7msvrz.jpg

 photo holidaycalendar07_zps1k1mjo7h.jpg

Have a wonderful 2017, friends!


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