Vintage Ephemera Friday #008

Ephemera is defined as something that is not meant to last long– often paper goods. I find myself picking up matchbook covers, postcards, and old magazines at estate sales, flea markets, etc. I know that there are plenty others who dig this stuff too so I’ve decided to post a new piece every Friday as a series, “Vintage Ephemera Friday,” or #VEF on IG.

I encourage anyone else who reads this to also post cool old ephemeral goods (old papers, pins, magnets, pretty much all advertisement goods, whatever you like!) and post it with both “#VintageEphemeraFriday” and “#VEF” tags so in the future others can search through the collective finds.

For my 8th VEF post I’m showing the matchbooks from the previous thrift post. I had mentioned how much I liked a shop called “Beyond the Ranch” in Oregon. They had a huge basket full of old matchbooks and they were priced at only .25 each! That is quite the deal to a California thrifter like me who usually finds matchbooks for $1 a piece. I was so excited by the deal that I pulled the basket up to the counter and started going through it and picked up $5 worth of books.

 photo Ranchbooks01_zps4mlgw7uk.jpg

I tend to pick out ones that have bright graphics, vegas hotels or restaurants, and food theme ones. While I am not a smoker, I do enjoy finding these old forms of advertising.

 photo Ranchbooks02_zpszvxrkptu.jpg

I also dig the books with artwork from the locations– the pink tables and umbrellas are precious I wish I could visit!

 photo Ranchbooks03_zpsc7ipjs64.jpg

I also managed to pick up some from the same businesses. I love that Bishop’s is “fussier for you.”

 photo Ranchbooks04_zpsvwmg5rwk.jpg

The books that have artwork across both sides are interesting finds, and so weird: I’ve always seen “Big Boy” from Bob’s Big Boy but apparently he’s also from Marc’s as well? I’m guessing it must be a regional find.

 photo Ranchbooks05_zpshxgfpuca.jpg

I especially like the Franciscan book as you get an idea of what the restaurant looked like.

Please feel free to join in and post your vintage ephemera finds here or on IG on Fridays! #vintageephemerafriday #vef