Vintage Signage Post: Merrill Motel & The Polar Bear

I’ve been a longtime fan of old signs. I think they’re so much more interesting than today’s common backlit box signs. They’re more expensive, but are a great detail for any business.

Driving around Southern California there are still a lot of cool old signs around, although they are being torn down on the regular. I lost all my old pictures on my last computer (an expensive and sad lesson learned about the values of external hard drives) so I often bring my camera with me to recapture old faves and stop whenever I come across new-to-me vintage gems.

Over the Summer I took a trip up in the PNW where we passed through many interesting towns. One of them was Merrill, Oregon. I loved the look of a small motel and diner.

 photo MerrillM1_zps66d7wqfx.jpg

This sign is a bit more contemporary than what I usually stop for, but I loved the wooden “welcome” sign underneath the motel sign.

 photo MerrillM2_zpsclxlru8d.jpg

Just off the road are the rooms– I don’t know if it is just these 3, but I love their shade covering; it has a little Googie vibe.

 photo PolarBear2_zpsvnizmsv3.jpg

Then just down the road we came upon the Polar Bear. It looked like an awesome classic diner.

 photo PolarBear1_zpsfw6myx64.jpg

Their neon sign has some deco details and I thought the painted windows were pretty cute!

 photo PolarBear3_zpsab9pgcga.jpg

Their burger & fries sign with arrow may have seen better days, but it has the patina of classic advertising. Both businesses were pleasant surprises to the vintage traveler out on the road.