Seemoore’s Polar Parlor in Pahrump, NV

It’s the second week of July and things are heating up here in California! It has me dreaming of air conditioning and frozen treats. I’ve been thinking of this fun ice cream spot I visited earlier this year and wanted to share it with you.


Seemoore’s Polar Parlor is an ice cream stand is located in Pahrump, Nevada, about a hour-drive from the Las Vegas Strip. Pahrump is known for year-round fireworks sales and has a couple of casinos as well. This stand is off the main drag, but worth the stop for a sweet treat.


We visited one afternoon in April. Some guests had just walked out when I took this shot and then a few more cars had pulled up by the time I had ordered. It looked fairly popular with a steady stream of customers, even though there was construction on the road in front of the stand.


They have many different offerings– I had an Oreo Storm, which was very tasty and while I don’t have a pup, I love that they had a doggie sundae option! There is plenty of parking for a quick pickup or they have outdoor seating if you want to hang out and enjoy your ice cream.


Even the side of the building has ice cream cone-like detail! They also note that they are the world’s tallest ice cream stand, pretty cool! If you are in or Pahrump I definitely recommend stopping by for fun tourist pics and some ice cream.


Dino-rific Fun at Animal Kingdom Park

 photo AK_01_zpsdvxrdicd.jpg

Last Summer I had many posts on my family’s trip to Walt Disney World in late 2014, but got caught up in Summer school classes and didn’t complete posting them all (yes, Summer school in college to get it done!). I still have a couple hotel and restaurant posts to add here, but I noticed I didn’t write about Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. To be honest, I have very mixed feelings about parks that involve animals, and we spent the least amount of time in this park, which I think is why I put this off. But, there are many things to do and see at Animal Kingdom. My personal favorite was the kitschy “dino-rific” Dinosaur themed area called “Chester & Hester’s Dino-rama” inside Dinoland U.S.A.

 photo AK_05_zpsrwlxtvip.jpg

The dino area has lots of carnival type games, shops, and some spots to eat. If you are a vintage style fan like me (aren’t you? isn’t that how you found me?), you will absolutely adore this cute and kooky area.

 photo AK_09_zpsjmjycg7a.jpg

 photo AK_06_zpsy8ysgg4r.jpg

This little walk up counter is so cute and I love the teardrop camper style with dino decor.

 photo AK_08_zpsmswgrwey.jpg

They have a perfectly themed out shop that resembles classic roadside attractions.

 photo AK_07_zpsu2zufwye.jpg

I was there in December so there were nice holiday touches everywhere!

 photo AK_10_zps1t4vsdor.jpg

Continuing on the dino theme, they also have a Dinosaur ride. It’s a quick moving car ride, similar to the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. I didn’t know that during the ride a picture is taken and when I got back home we got sent the photos from our magic bands. My ride photo is easily the most ridiculous picture I’ve seen of myself. Maybe I’ll post it here someday… or not!

 photo AK_11_zpsfuqzseoy.jpg

We enjoyed lunch inside the dino-rama area– this restaurant was really cool because it was made to look like the campsite for the archaeologists working in the dino land.

 photo AK_12_zpsexiobql2.jpg

There was also an airstream attached that you could sit in and eat inside. It’s clearly a popular spot, as many people where inside so I didn’t take any photos.

 photo AK_13_zpsrurcn4ju.jpg

From my posts you can tell that I love vintage signage, so I was loving how much vintage styling is found inside the Disney parks. They really go full out in the design process and it’s fun to see. This walk up eatery mixes the dinosaur and vintage theming perfectly!

 photo AK_02_zpsmugdxnj4.jpg

As we walked through the park there were impromptu shows and we came across a trainer with this beautiful bird. The colors were even more vibrant in person.

 photo AK_04_zpswfbgqj57.jpg

Like I mentioned before I visited in December and I really enjoyed all the holiday decor.

 photo AK_15_zpsktatna15.jpg

Just as each park and each hotel has their own “vibe” the decorations also followed those themes. It was all very beautiful.

 photo AK_14_zpsllqxsyse.jpg

While not specific for the holidays, I loved the looks of the decorated trees. The park has sections for different parts of the world and this was in the Asian region. Each area you go through really feels like you’ve transported around the world.

 photo AK_16_zpsmzjgjjfo.jpg

The big event of the park is the safari ride. I absolutely recommend getting a fast pass if possible as we waited in standby and it was quite a long wait.

 photo AK_03_zpsvbd95i8f.jpg

In the center of the park is the tree of life. You can see it pretty much after you enter the park; it’s size is incredible.

 photo AK_17_zpscvavsi6o.jpg

You can walk closer to the tree by entering the “It’s tough to be a bug” show. We’ve seen it at California Adventure so we skipped the show, but the workers will help direct you if you want to look at the tree details.

 photo AK_18_zpsc1ymv4xq.jpg

Take some time to walk around it and see all the detailed “carvings” of the different animals.

So while I didn’t spend a lot of time at this park, I enjoyed walking around. It has great design, and I especially love the kitschy goodness of the dino-rama area. If planning a trip, I highly recommend:
– getting fast passes ahead of time for popular attractions like Kilimanjaro Safari // Kali River Rapids // Expedition Everest
– Watch the Festival of the Lion King live show. I didn’t take any pictures as there are acrobatic performers, but it was the best live show in any of the parks.
– Wear comfy closed toe shoes. There are many walking trails throughout the park and you could easily put in 10+ miles if you were to spend the whole day visiting all the attractions.

I hope this gives you a little information if you’re planning on visiting Animal Kingdom park. I know that they are currently constructing an Avatar-theme land which I’m sure will be quite popular! When I travel I’m always on the hunt for some vintage goodness, and even Disney delivers with so wonderful vintage-inspired attractions.
Have you visited Animal Kingdom park? What was your favorite part?

Vintage Ephemera Friday #008

Ephemera is defined as something that is not meant to last long– often paper goods. I find myself picking up matchbook covers, postcards, and old magazines at estate sales, flea markets, etc. I know that there are plenty others who dig this stuff too so I’ve decided to post a new piece every Friday as a series, “Vintage Ephemera Friday,” or #VEF on IG.

I encourage anyone else who reads this to also post cool old ephemeral goods (old papers, pins, magnets, pretty much all advertisement goods, whatever you like!) and post it with both “#VintageEphemeraFriday” and “#VEF” tags so in the future others can search through the collective finds.

For my 8th VEF post I’m showing the matchbooks from the previous thrift post. I had mentioned how much I liked a shop called “Beyond the Ranch” in Oregon. They had a huge basket full of old matchbooks and they were priced at only .25 each! That is quite the deal to a California thrifter like me who usually finds matchbooks for $1 a piece. I was so excited by the deal that I pulled the basket up to the counter and started going through it and picked up $5 worth of books.

 photo Ranchbooks01_zps4mlgw7uk.jpg

I tend to pick out ones that have bright graphics, vegas hotels or restaurants, and food theme ones. While I am not a smoker, I do enjoy finding these old forms of advertising.

 photo Ranchbooks02_zpszvxrkptu.jpg

I also dig the books with artwork from the locations– the pink tables and umbrellas are precious I wish I could visit!

 photo Ranchbooks03_zpsc7ipjs64.jpg

I also managed to pick up some from the same businesses. I love that Bishop’s is “fussier for you.”

 photo Ranchbooks04_zpsvwmg5rwk.jpg

The books that have artwork across both sides are interesting finds, and so weird: I’ve always seen “Big Boy” from Bob’s Big Boy but apparently he’s also from Marc’s as well? I’m guessing it must be a regional find.

 photo Ranchbooks05_zpshxgfpuca.jpg

I especially like the Franciscan book as you get an idea of what the restaurant looked like.

Please feel free to join in and post your vintage ephemera finds here or on IG on Fridays! #vintageephemerafriday #vef