Dino-rific Fun at Animal Kingdom Park

 photo AK_01_zpsdvxrdicd.jpg

Last Summer I had many posts on my family’s trip to Walt Disney World in late 2014, but got caught up in Summer school classes and didn’t complete posting them all (yes, Summer school in college to get it done!). I still have a couple hotel and restaurant posts to add here, but I noticed I didn’t write about Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. To be honest, I have very mixed feelings about parks that involve animals, and we spent the least amount of time in this park, which I think is why I put this off. But, there are many things to do and see at Animal Kingdom. My personal favorite was the kitschy “dino-rific” Dinosaur themed area called “Chester & Hester’s Dino-rama” inside Dinoland U.S.A.

 photo AK_05_zpsrwlxtvip.jpg

The dino area has lots of carnival type games, shops, and some spots to eat. If you are a vintage style fan like me (aren’t you? isn’t that how you found me?), you will absolutely adore this cute and kooky area.

 photo AK_09_zpsjmjycg7a.jpg

 photo AK_06_zpsy8ysgg4r.jpg

This little walk up counter is so cute and I love the teardrop camper style with dino decor.

 photo AK_08_zpsmswgrwey.jpg

They have a perfectly themed out shop that resembles classic roadside attractions.

 photo AK_07_zpsu2zufwye.jpg

I was there in December so there were nice holiday touches everywhere!

 photo AK_10_zps1t4vsdor.jpg

Continuing on the dino theme, they also have a Dinosaur ride. It’s a quick moving car ride, similar to the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. I didn’t know that during the ride a picture is taken and when I got back home we got sent the photos from our magic bands. My ride photo is easily the most ridiculous picture I’ve seen of myself. Maybe I’ll post it here someday… or not!

 photo AK_11_zpsfuqzseoy.jpg

We enjoyed lunch inside the dino-rama area– this restaurant was really cool because it was made to look like the campsite for the archaeologists working in the dino land.

 photo AK_12_zpsexiobql2.jpg

There was also an airstream attached that you could sit in and eat inside. It’s clearly a popular spot, as many people where inside so I didn’t take any photos.

 photo AK_13_zpsrurcn4ju.jpg

From my posts you can tell that I love vintage signage, so I was loving how much vintage styling is found inside the Disney parks. They really go full out in the design process and it’s fun to see. This walk up eatery mixes the dinosaur and vintage theming perfectly!

 photo AK_02_zpsmugdxnj4.jpg

As we walked through the park there were impromptu shows and we came across a trainer with this beautiful bird. The colors were even more vibrant in person.

 photo AK_04_zpswfbgqj57.jpg

Like I mentioned before I visited in December and I really enjoyed all the holiday decor.

 photo AK_15_zpsktatna15.jpg

Just as each park and each hotel has their own “vibe” the decorations also followed those themes. It was all very beautiful.

 photo AK_14_zpsllqxsyse.jpg

While not specific for the holidays, I loved the looks of the decorated trees. The park has sections for different parts of the world and this was in the Asian region. Each area you go through really feels like you’ve transported around the world.

 photo AK_16_zpsmzjgjjfo.jpg

The big event of the park is the safari ride. I absolutely recommend getting a fast pass if possible as we waited in standby and it was quite a long wait.

 photo AK_03_zpsvbd95i8f.jpg

In the center of the park is the tree of life. You can see it pretty much after you enter the park; it’s size is incredible.

 photo AK_17_zpscvavsi6o.jpg

You can walk closer to the tree by entering the “It’s tough to be a bug” show. We’ve seen it at California Adventure so we skipped the show, but the workers will help direct you if you want to look at the tree details.

 photo AK_18_zpsc1ymv4xq.jpg

Take some time to walk around it and see all the detailed “carvings” of the different animals.

So while I didn’t spend a lot of time at this park, I enjoyed walking around. It has great design, and I especially love the kitschy goodness of the dino-rama area. If planning a trip, I highly recommend:
– getting fast passes ahead of time for popular attractions like Kilimanjaro Safari // Kali River Rapids // Expedition Everest
– Watch the Festival of the Lion King live show. I didn’t take any pictures as there are acrobatic performers, but it was the best live show in any of the parks.
– Wear comfy closed toe shoes. There are many walking trails throughout the park and you could easily put in 10+ miles if you were to spend the whole day visiting all the attractions.

I hope this gives you a little information if you’re planning on visiting Animal Kingdom park. I know that they are currently constructing an Avatar-theme land which I’m sure will be quite popular! When I travel I’m always on the hunt for some vintage goodness, and even Disney delivers with so wonderful vintage-inspired attractions.
Have you visited Animal Kingdom park? What was your favorite part?


Disney’s Hollywood Studios

July is Amerikitsch’s WDW month– I visited the parks in December 2014 and I thought it’s time to post about my trip. Check back all month for Disney related posts!

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This is a post about one of my favorite parks, Hollywood Studios. Yes, I said it’s a favorite! I’ve read some other opinions online that differ, but from a visual standpoint I really enjoyed walking around the park. It has an old Hollywood theme and after visiting it I wished that this designed had carried on to the California Adventure park.
I took a TON of photos of the vintage-inspired signage (my favorite!) and will post those separately.

 photo DHWS02_zpssyoeaew0.jpg

During Christmas-time, each park had gorgeous mega-trees out front that were designed in theme of the park they represent.

 photo DHWS03_zpsyuxdmiod.jpg

I visited in December 2014, and the sorcerer hat & ears were still up. I saw online a couple weeks after we visited they were torn down. I know there were mixed feelings on these as well, but I like them. There was a open-air pin shop under the hat that was a great spot to pick up a souvenir.

 photo DHWS04_zpsqowk45zg.jpg

As I mentioned, there is an old Hollywood vibe to the park that is a lot of fun for vintage fans. I don’t know if Dapper Day is as big in Florida as it is in California, but this park is the perfect spot for it! The buildings have beautiful deco facades.

 photo DHWS07_zpsfr9gdjyt.jpg

They have the cutest dino, Gertie, that also serves as a ice cream spot. HWS definitely has some epic themed restaurants, too!

 photo DHWS05_zpswi5fvlmr.jpg

The Prime Time Cafe is a delight and it will get its own post later! Dreamy 50s realness! & by realness, I mean it! They have tons of true vintage decorations that will make you feel like you stepped back in time.

 photo DHWS06_zpsc2ekozxm.jpg

The Sci-Fi Diner is another great vintage-inspired eatery. It feels like you’ve been transported to a drive-in theatre back in the 50s/60s. I will also make a separate post for this spot.
**TIP: If you’re interested in eating at any restaurant in any of the parks, it is highly recommended that you make a reservation before your trip. You may not be able to get in at all without one!

 photo DHWS08_zpsdjywxtvl.jpg

Hollywood Studios has attractions that are available in California, like Star Tours and Midway Mania, but I was excited they also still have Muppet Vision! It has been gone from DCA for awhile now with no signs of it returning. It was fun to see it again.

 photo DHWS09_zpszjkzmvog.jpg

There were great Christmas decorations, including this giant Santa figure on a street facade.

Another feature that we were lucky enough to visit before its closure was the Osborne Spectacular of Dancing Lights. 2015 was their last year, to many fan’s disappointment. There was a faux street near the Muppet Vision that was reminiscent of something at Universal Studios. You could walk through during the day, but the real excitement was a night to see the light display. I’m guessing they have big plans for that space in the future.

 photo DHWS10_zpsmnnbt5us.jpg

My favorite part of the display– the baby from Dinosaurs! I remember watching that as a kid and loved seeing the blast from the past.

 photo DHWS12_zpsvx4megny.jpg

In the back of the park is Midway Mania, one of the most entertaining rides. As you can see from the wait time (95 minutes in this photo), it is very popular! We were there off-season and midweek and I did not see the wait time under 1 hour. It is the same ride in California if you’ve been to DCA. To save time you might want to skip it, but the queue is wonderfully designed.

 photo DHWS22_zpsvleupy8p.jpg

The queue is designed as if you’ve shrunk down to toy-size. Mr. Potato is telling jokes like the line in DCA, but this one has much more style.

 photo DHWS14_zpsz3xwfrzu.jpg

There are also great Toy Story-inspired decorations outside the ride.

 photo DHWS11_zpsuvwclluy.jpg

For the mermaid fans, there is this beautiful fountain from the movie, “Splash.” It adds to the Hollywood vibe.

 photo DHWS15_zpsp0dd7jwn.jpg

Speaking of mermaids, there is a Little Mermaid show. Unfortunately, it leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t really follow the story, but it is a show that does musical numbers from the movie. If you have small children that love the music, maybe it would be a good spot to take a break from the walking, but otherwise it’s passable. I will say that the singer who played Ariel when we saw it was spot-on! She sounded just like the film, which was impressive.

The Disney Parks in Florida seem to have many stage shows– there’s an Indiana Jones stunt show, a car racing stunt show, a Beauty and the Beast live show, etc. & these are only just the shows at Hollywood Studios. I personally am not a huge fan of stage shows, so I’d pass on them. I saw a couple on this trip and don’t need to see any of them again. If you’re pressed for time you may want to skip them as well, but if you need a break they can be a welcome stop.

 photo DHWS16_zps9vgrrm0h.jpg

Maybe I’m a little on the nerdy-side, but I really enjoyed “One Man’s Dream,” and exhibition inside Hollywood Studios with Walt’s history and artifacts. You can walk around the mini-museum and they also play a movie. I loved learning about the history and process Walt cultivated for us all to enjoy these many years later.

**NOTE TO ANY DISNEY EMPLOYEES THAT MIGHT COME ACROSS THIS: I was at HWS and visited the One Man’s Dream building on Walt Disney’s birthday. There was ZERO mention of it anywhere in the park other than it was mentioned at the beginning of the film. Really? Nothing for Walt’s birthday? Why not a button or sticker for guests at the gate? Or a special cupcake or other dessert commemorating the day? It doesn’t have to be anything big, but it seems that Walt’s birthday should be acknowledged in Disney parks.**

 photo DHWS23_zpsgiirx7su.jpg

Another great spot for the old Hollywood vibe is the Brown Derby. It is a re-creation of the iconic hot spot from the Golden Age of Cinema.

 photo DHWS24_zpsfzovz6s2.jpg

We visited the park a second day to enjoy a meal at the Brown Derby. It felt very “grown up” and might not be the best spot for the little ones. The meals were delicious, but also a little on the pricier side. It was a nice treat!

 photo DHWS25_zpsghjx4cqk.jpg

One of the best details were the copper derby hat lights!

 photo DHWS26_zpsv6mb9bk5.jpg

Hollywood Studios has a beautiful “Main Street,” but they also have a great shopping area on the walk towards the Tower of Terror ride. This shop was villain-themed and was great.

 photo DHWS27_zpszxqipiim.jpg

Along the walls were these epic scary old-Hollywood vignettes. Set decorating for Disney sounds like a dream job to me (Disney do you need help in CA? I’m here!), and this shop really stood out for its design. I took many, many photos of the vintage-style signage and they will get their own post soon!

 photo DHWS28_zpsffd8am0a.jpg

This is a shot of the walking/shopping area on the way to Tower of Terror. There are plenty of cool things to stop and check out along the way, including great shops and quick serve meal spots.

 photo DHWS17_zps91zcp0sn.jpg

When the sun went down, we went back to see the light display. It was the street I mentioned before with the baby from “Dinosaurs” in the window. It was an incredible display with many fans checking it out.

 photo DHWS18_zpsutp4inuz.jpg

The Mickey stocking was one of my favorite touches, along with the Halloween cat. We were told that when the Osborne’s mailed all the lights to Disney, they accidentally included a halloween decoration of a cat. The decorators used it in the design every year and moved it around for people to search for while they enjoyed the lights!

 photo DHWS19_zpsaskg75bb.jpg

When we were leaving I snapped a photo of this shop window– the Minnie’s were kicking their legs like they were Rockettes. It was too cute and festive.

 photo DHWS20_zpsbgvveds8.jpg

A great touch in the window was this poster for the “Jingle Belles.” I’ve also seen these Minnie’s as ornaments in the park. I hope they bring them back this year because I want to pick one up!

So, I’m definitely a fan of Hollywood Studios. The style, the props, and design really grabbed my attention and made me wish they had made similar choices for the DCA park. If you’re all about rides, this park will probably not keep you all day. You can get there early and hit your fave attractions, and then head out. But if you want a more leisurely time, to walk and enjoy your surroundings, I recommend it.

Disney has also announced that there will be a Star Wars land in this park in the future, so I bet it will only get more popular when that opens!

Have you visited Hollywood Studios? What was your favorite part of the park? Let me know in the comments, thanks!

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Epcot/HWS Area Hotels

July is Amerikitsch’s WDW month– I visited the parks in December 2014 and I thought it’s time to post about my trip. Check back all month for Disney related posts!

This post will cover the Yacht and Beach Club, as well as the Boardwalk hotel.
These hotels are great if you plan on visiting Epcot or Hollywood Studios because they have ferry access.

 photo Epcothotels01_zpsgagfgkxu.jpg

The Yacht and Beach Club resorts are ‘sister’ hotels and share the same property and some amenities. I visited by car and had trouble telling the hotels apart. However, inside the Yacht Club felt a little more formal.

 photo Epcothotels02_zpsltnte1p4.jpg

We parked in the backlot and walked through the Vacation Club area. It was fun to see that some of the vacationers decorated their balcony!

 photo Epcothotels03_zpsdmtf78mq.jpg

This pretty statue was in the back of the property.

 photo Epcothotels04_zpsumqwjht2.jpg

Since we came in the back way, I think we had come through the VC space. They had this nice library nook. I’m not sure if it was open to all guests or VC members– since we were there off season, there weren’t many people around.

 photo Epcothotels05_zpsr3thmhzn.jpg

One of the reason I highly recommend visiting the hotels, especially the deluxe hotels, during the holidays is that they have these incredible gingerbread displays! This carousel was functional and spinning around. The hotels that have these gingerbread displays also have commemorative pins with the yearly design.

 photo Epcothotels09_zps0d41swhi.jpg

Beaches and Cream is a cute ice cream shop/diner on the Beach Club side. It serves food, but it is a very small space with only a handful of tables. When we were there, it was a hour wait to eat. Instead, we just got a scoop of ice cream, which has a separate counter. There are a couple tables outside if you wish to eat it there.

 photo Epcothotels06_zps7fkb43sz.jpg

This is one of my favorite views from the trip– looking outside the Beach Club and across the water to the Boardwalk Resort.

 photo Epcothotels07_zps1uawirgl.jpg

Here is the ferry that accesses stops at Epcot World Showcase, Hollywood Studios, the Swan and Dolphin, Beach and Yacht Club, and the Boardwalk. This is not a quick trip, more of a leisurely pace. It’s quite enjoyable if you’re not in a big rush.

 photo Epcothotels08_zpsg3ms59ef.jpg

The Boardwalk literally gives the look and feel of an old-timey boardwalk with lots of buildings. They have shops and restaurants along the walk way.

 photo Epcothotels10_zpsvxrsjrzr.jpg

The Boardwalk hotel has vintage Americana and nautical inspirations. It was my favorite resort of all that I visited!

 photo Epcothotels11_zpsstw8fz5n.jpg

I loved this chandelier with the Neptune design.

 photo Epcothotels12_zpsxp9s4wbg.jpg

The Boardwalk also had a gingerbread project in the lobby– they had an ice cream stand! It was so cute and my favorite gingerbread display. The seals with Mickey and Minnie holding ice creams were also very similar to pins sold at the Soda Fountain in Los Angeles.

 photo Epcothotels13_zpsnyya45df.jpg

They also had pressed penny machines that were decorated in style of the hotel.

I hope this post gives you an idea as to the style of these hotels. These are all deluxe properties, meaning they are on the higher end of pricing. If you are there during the holidays, go visit and check out the decorations and gingerbread displays!
My dream is to stay at the Boardwalk some day! Where would you like to stay? Let me know in the comments, thanks!

A Trip to Epcot (Part One)

July is Amerikitsch’s WDW month– I visited the parks in December 2014 and I thought it’s time to post about my trip. Check back all month for Disney related posts!

 photo Epcotday1_01_zps9cwlp7s8.jpg

Disney’s Epcot is easily divided into two sides: Future World (the “science” side) and World Showcase (the countries side). This first post will be about the science side. The main entrance brings guests through the science side with the iconic orb.

 photo Epcotday1_02_zpsl4sttw6d.jpg

Inside the orb is Spaceship Earth, a ride through the history of communications and technology. It was a little goofy, but fun. After the ride there was a big space with computer games. It wasn’t really my interest, but there were lots of people checking it all out.

The Innoventions buildings were… not as full of Disney magic as I had expected. I went into a few because I was collecting the pressed pennies but they felt like the booths at the county fair. I would really love to see Disney executives offer up space to more major companies and see what they could come up for the travelers. Imagine visiting the Apple section or Tesla section, teaching kids about technology in a fun, interesting way!

There were two popular buildings– The Land and The Sea. We visited The Land which includes the Soarin’ ride, a Lion King film about ecology, and Living with the Land, a boat tour through an area where they grow food for the park.

 photo Epcotday1_03_zps5z4iex86.jpg

They had cute holiday touches to the Land ride. We got to see fruits, veggies, and fish.

 photo Epcotday1_04_zpsgj774us6.jpg

There is a beautiful food court inside the Land building; I loved this hot air balloon decoration on the ceiling.

 photo Epcotday1_05_zpsmr4edfgt.jpg

We did not have a meal here, but many of the foods had ingredients from the space visited on the Land ride. I did get this red velvet treat!
I cannot speak about The Sea building as we didn’t have time to visit. There are a few other rides, including the Test Track, Mission to Mars, and a Figment ride (“Journey to Imagination”). One of the strangest shows is Ellen’s Energy Adventure. It’s a show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres that was filmed about 20 years ago and also stars Bill Nye and Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s a mix of screen show and then becomes a bit of a ride, and then back to a show. I thought it was interesting in a strange way, but it is quite long (about 45 minutes) so I don’t think it will hold children’s attention.

 photo Epcotday1_09_zpstxso8qsx.jpg

The Coca-Cola shop is a fun place to visit and you should definitely try the flavors from other countries. It’s true about the Beverly. I tried it and it wasn’t as bad as I thought at first, but the after-taste was bad!
Visiting during December, there were lovely holiday topiaries in the many planted seating areas.

 photo Epcotday1_06_zpsphxtupjk.jpg

 photo Epcotday1_07_zps0y8pb24y.jpg

 photo Epcotday1_10_zps4gwueklp.jpg

 photo Epcotday1_11_zpsumftpy5m.jpg

 photo Epcotday1_12_zpsngty608h.jpg

 photo Epcotday1_08_zpsclfy7g2s.jpg

My favorite topiaries were these Mickey’s with Santa hats. They were in front of Mousegears, one of the best shops in any of the parks. I definitely recommend visiting it; I purchased a backpack there I never saw in any other parks.

 photo Epcotday1_13_zpsxols3q0w.jpg

The orb is absolutely beautiful at night. Look at the colors! **TIP: if you are a pin collector, there is an outdoor pin shop with some tables near by. This is a spot to trade with others and pick up new pins.**

 photo Epcotday1_14_zpspfvshopl.jpg

This is a day-night collage I posted on IG I had made on the ride home from Epcot.

Overall, there were a few fun spots in Future World, but if I go again I’d spend more time on the World Showcase side. If you’re a shopper you should visit Mousegears, and teens would probably love Test Track and Mission to Mars. Future World opens before World Showcase, so you might want to get to the park right when it opens, check out the science side for a couple hours, and then head over to World Showcase.
Have you visited Epcot? What was your favorite attraction?

Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

July is Amerikitsch’s WDW month– I visited the parks in December 2014 and I thought it’s time to post about my trip. Check back all month for Disney related posts!

 photo BOGpost01_zpse2opu3va.jpg

In my second Magic Kingdom post I talked about ‘Be Our Guest,’ the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant. It was such a fun time I thought it deserved its own post!

As you can see, the entrance used forced perspective to create the view of the Beast’s castle off in the distance. It looks like it’s far away, but the entrance is underneath.

 photo MKday2_04_zpszjsvcwtd.jpg

 photo BOGpost02_zpss5milngy.jpg

There are great touches even outside the restaurant with theming recognizable from the film.

 photo MKday2_05_zpszau29t2n.jpg

As I mentioned in the other post, I had tried to get a reservation and they were full. Luckily, they had a test market for lunch and we got in. You place your order on a touch screen and then find your own table in the main room. Using the magic bands, they’d bring out your food when ready.

 photo MKday2_07_zpsio2acyly.jpg

The main room looked straight out of the movie! It was very large with many tables. Two other themed rooms were full, too, and I believe those sections were for people who had reservations.

 photo MKday2_06_zpsyfbepivr.jpg

One of my favorite touches was the soda fountain. It was a walk-up self serve and also looked like it was from the movie.

 photo BOGpost04_zpsaghwx3tv.jpg

It was December when we visited and they had some lovely decorations! There was this beautiful tree up against a faux door. Behind the windows was a screen that made it appear that it was snowing outside! So pretty and festive!

 photo BOGpost03_zpsdvqgcm8o.jpg

They had many wreaths and garlands throughout the restaurant, but my favorite detail– they had ornaments shaped like characters in the movie with a stain glass design. Too cute! I was surprised they did not sell these ornaments in the park. Too bad, I bet they would be popular.

 photo BOGpost06_zpsj5qzoxvr.jpg

Before leaving, we checked out the other reserved rooms: The first, lighter room had artwork from the movie and a large rotating figure of the Beast and Belle dancing.

 photo BOGpost05_zpspmbethqe.jpg

Many people were taking photos of the rooms, so expect a little bit of a wait.

 photo MKday2_09_zpsrdxzuo8q.jpg

The darker room was Beast themed. It was very dark, too dark I think if you have older people in your party or those who have vision problems. But it was very popular because this is where the rose is!

 photo MKday2_10_zpsixtw3pqj.jpg

There was a line to see the rose, but not too much space around the tables. Just be mindful of the people eating before shooting flash photography.

Overall this was one of my best meals on the trip, both in food and experience. I loved seeing all the design and decorations and the meals was tasty! I recommend it (try and get a reservation!) for anyone visiting the Magic Kingdom and hope to visit again myself.

 photo MKday2_11_zpsn6smlf9s.jpg

Magic Kingdom Area Hotels

July is Amerikitsch’s WDW month– I visited the parks in December 2014 and I thought it’s time to post about my trip. Check back all month for Disney related posts!

This post will cover some information on four hotels that are located near the Magic Kingdom. My family and I rented a car that allowed us ease of transport between the hotels and parks. **TIP: if it fits in your trip budget, I highly recommend renting a car. There are buses that transfer guests from Disney hotels to the parks, but they can often be crowded. Driving allows you to go on your own schedule and visit other hotels if you wish to see them.**

This is the first batch covering Disney hotel properties. We visited each of them to see the holiday decorations and feel the “vibe.” They are all quite distinctive and Disney had multiple price points for all guests. The hotels in this post are located near the Magic Kingdom. More information can be found on their official site.

 photo MKhotels_01_zpswrsptmms.jpg

The first hotel we visited was the Polynesian resort. It’s one of the older Disney hotels on the property and has great island theming. Unfortunately, they were going through massive construction when we visited (December 2014), so much of it was closed up. I bet it looks ever better now!

 photo MKhotels_02_zpsbqiyrpxs.jpg

We visited during the holidays, so there was a lot of great wreaths and garland all over the hotels.

 photo MKhotels_03_zpssmzy10ui.jpg

One of my favorite touches was that they have a dole whip station in the hotel! This is usually only something seen in the parks, so I bet it’s a sweet treat for the guests.

 photo MKhotels_04_zpsj0q9f5wg.jpg

During this trip I collected many of the press pennies (search online “Disneyworld Pressed Penny” for a printable list), and every hotel had at least one machine. I loved that they decorated the machines to match the hotel. The Polynesian also has a great island-themed shop and when we were there the was a pinboard out (trading pins appeared to be a bigger deal in Florida than California).

After we visited the Polynesian, we hopped on the monorail and rode over to the Grand Floridian.

 photo MKhotels_05_zpsj4hwnofs.jpg

The Grand Floridian is definitely a more upscale hotel, I felt a little sloppy in my t-shirt and jeans. If you’ve been to San Diego or are a fan of the film “Some Like it Hot,” you may recognize the style of the hotel is modeled after Hotel Coronado.

 photo MKhotels_06_zpsppnrfmdj.jpg

There was a large Christmas tree that was a popular spot for photos; it also appeared that some locals were coming to take photos near the tree for their Christmas cards. It’s very light and old-money beachy in style. They also had beautiful character accents in the marble floor.

 photo MKhotels_09_zpsapftihrd.jpg

 photo MKhotels_07_zpspizme77y.jpg

The pink isn’t exactly traditional Christmas style, but it was beautiful and fit the hotel.

 photo MKhotels_08_zpstrlmsebu.jpg

My favorite part of the hotel was the life-size gingerbread house made of REAL gingerbread! They even had people inside selling cookies. It was too cute and had great details!

**TIP (for the pin traders): There are a few stores inside Grand Floridian, but if you’re looking for pins, be sure to check out the menswear shop. They had a book of trading pins behind the counter.**

After a forgettable lunch we hopped back on to the monorail to check out the Contemporary.

 photo MKhotels_11_zpsy6snmy8p.jpg

Probably one of the most well-known hotels at Disney, the Contemporary was a lot of fun to walk around. They have a nice shops, but my favorite spot is outside. As you can see from above, we had a beautiful and clear day with chairs to relax outside.

 photo MKhotels_10_zpsjxmddyws.jpg

As you can see, there’s a nice view of Magic Kingdom. We didn’t have time to go back any evening, but I bet it’s a great spot to watch the fireworks!

 photo MKhotels_12_zpsdn9cj0xq.jpg

They had a cute ‘Frozen’ gingerbread display with a matching pin available.

 photo MKhotels_13_zpsk9hzrork.jpg

There are these huge Mary Blair murals inside the Contemporary which I think are worth a visit on their own. I didn’t crop out the people at the bottom of my picture so you may see the scale of these works of art.

 photo MKhotels_14_zpsfztlkfow.jpg

This wreath was found in the little cafe and I wish we had eaten here instead of GF. Hopefully I’ll visit again and spend more time checking out the murals!

 photo MKhotels_15_zpsfow16fd4.jpg

A few days later we visited the Wilderness Lodge Hotel. While it is not accessible my monorail, the AAA map lists this as a hotel near Magic Kingdom.

 photo MKhotels_16_zpsr2dnprlm.jpg

They had cute topiaries outside!

 photo MKhotels_17_zpsr0antxjy.jpg

The interior was incredible! It felt like we were inside a giant log cabin. They also had a massive Christmas tree.

 photo MKhotels_18_zps8guwmzx6.jpg

Their restaurant, Whispering Pines, which we tried to get in, was booked up. I know I mentioned this in a previous post, but I can’t stop recommending getting advanced reservations before your trip!

 photo MKhotels_19_zpslcbw6cw0.jpg

They had this giant fireplace with rocking chairs nearby. Since it was the holidays, they also had carolers and bell players. It was very festive and “cozy.”

 photo MKhotels_20_zpsvflkw5kf.jpg

Their Mercantile shop was so cute! My mom loves the lodge style, so we found lots of great items there.

These four hotels are geographically close to the Magic Kingdom and on the higher end of the Disney properties. The Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge (and Fort Wilderness), and Grand Floridian also have ferry boats service to the Magic Kingdom without having to get stuck in the larger, more crowded ferry for everyone else.

Check back for coverage of other hotels in the coming weeks! Have you stayed at a Walt Disney World property? How was it? I’d love to hear your opinions, let me know in the comments. Thanks!

A Trip to Magic Kingdom (Part Two)

July is Amerikitsch’s WDW month– I visited the parks in December 2014 and I thought it’s time to post about my trip. Check back all month for Disney related posts!

 photo MKday2_01_zpstqrctxoa.jpg

This is the second day at the Magic Kingdom, check the previous post for other MK pictures and info. The second day we spent most of the time in Fantasyland. After we got in the park we made a mad dash to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

 photo MKday2_02_zpsrp0jc9i7.jpg

The wait was about a hour long, but the queue had great designs to keep you entertained while you’re waiting. My favorite queue spot was the barrels full of jewels– be sure to spin them around (move fast!) for a great surprise!

 photo MKday2_03_zps90s2uvdm.jpg

It’s a cute and fun ride that is similar to Big Thunder Mountain with a Snow White twist. My favorite spot was actually at the end right before the carts go back into the station– **TIP: at the end of the ride keep your eyes to the right near the house for a surprise you can’t see from the other side.**

 photo MKday2_04_zpszjsvcwtd.jpg

Our next stop was such a surprise– I walked over to ‘Be Our Guest,’ a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant, to see if I could take photos inside. I had tried to make a reservation before we left but they were all booked up. The lady outside said no one can go in for photos unless they’re eating there. I had told her that I had tried to get a reservation but couldn’t. She then said that they were testing out a new lunch program and if I got in line now I’d probably get in. My folks and I rushed to the line, even though it was a little early for lunch. We lucked out, because they cut the line not too far behind us.

 photo MKday2_05_zpszau29t2n.jpg

The line moved into this decorated hall with menu information. We then moved into another room with little stations where you placed your order on touch screens. We then went out into the main room for open seating. It may look familiar to you…

 photo MKday2_07_zpsio2acyly.jpg

The main dining area looks straight out of the movie! It was so beautiful and there was festive holiday garland all over.

 photo MKday2_06_zpsyfbepivr.jpg

Even the self-serve soda fountain fit in the theme! Lunch was served in carts and it was delicious! I had the Croque Monsieur and I’d get it again; we were all surprised at how tasty the food was considering we were at an amusement park. **TIP: walk through the other dining rooms before exiting to enjoy all the design details.**

 photo MKday2_08_zpskdmature.jpg

This was the brighter room with a spinning figure of Belle and the Beast.

 photo MKday2_09_zpsrdxzuo8q.jpg

This darker room was beast-inspired and has the rose inside.

 photo MKday2_10_zpsixtw3pqj.jpg

 photo MKday2_11_zpsn6smlf9s.jpg

This mural is at the exit of Be Our Guest.

 photo MKday2_12_zpscmvnvoiq.jpg

After lunch we spent time in Fantasyland. We watched Mickey’s Philharmagic, which is a fun 3D show with Donald Duck finding himself in many Disney musical scenes. This is inside the shop outside of the show. I wish that this was at Disneyland, it’s a clever show!

 photo MKday2_13_zpstwiubx21.jpg

This is a shot from Fantasyland. It’s very cute and has many of the same dark rides as Disneyland.

 photo MKday2_14_zpskmb7wotz.jpg

The biggest surprise compared to Disneyland is that the “It’s a Small World” ride is just in the mix of rides in Fantasyland. As you probably know, the ride in California is much more distinctive.

 photo MKday2_15_zpspie70mrb.jpg

I’m a fan of ‘Tangled,’ and was excited to see that there was something in the park for Rapunzel, but it was… a bathroom. It’s in a little walkway that connects Fantasyland to the Haunted Mansion. I did love the frying pan and lanterns, though!

 photo MKday2_16_zpsrfgsahmm.jpg

Also in Fantasyland is Gaston’s Tavern! It’s a great spot for a quick snack and to rest your feet.

 photo MKday2_17_zps7kqjfgwy.jpg

The decoration inside is great and they have a collectible Gaston stein– it comes with a tasty apple drink!

 photo MKday2_18_zpswsmcntbz.jpg

I loved the antler chandelier!

 photo MKday2_19_zpshqt8baxq.jpg

Another cool edition near Fantasyland is Storybook Circus. It has a few cute rides, a water feature area that is great for the Summer, and a shop that looks like a big top tent!

 photo MKday2_20_zpsizpwj2rr.jpg

My favorite detail in this area is the peanuts and elephant foot prints in the ground. It’s such a fun addition to the circus theme.

 photo MKday2_21_zps5wbieqvf.jpg

There were walkways with grassy areas between Storybook Circus and Tomorrowland. That’s where I saw these cuties! I loved that one was wearing a Mickey hat. I will say that there were quite a few dogs around the park. I believe that most of them were training to be guide dogs.

 photo MKday2_22_zpsixse8n1c.jpg

We didn’t get much time in Tomorrowland (the parks have earlier hours in the Winter), but we did get to ride the People Mover! I do miss that in California and enjoyed riding around and getting views of Tomorrowland and the castle.

 photo MKday2_23_zpshixs88kb.jpg

During the 2014 holiday season, there was a ‘Frozen’ light show with Elsa lighting the castle. It was so beautiful and a great end to a fabulous day.

As you can see, the Magic Kingdom is very large and if you are able to spend multiple days there, I highly recommend it. It will be a couple long days with lots of walking, but it’ll be worth it to any Disney fan! I hope to visit again someday!