Vintage Ephemera Friday #009

Ephemera is defined as something that is not meant to last long– often paper goods. I find myself picking up matchbook covers, postcards, and old magazines at estate sales, flea markets, etc. I know that there are plenty others who dig this stuff too so I’ve decided to post a new piece every Friday as a series, “Vintage Ephemera Friday,” or #VEF on IG.

I encourage anyone else who reads this to also post cool old ephemeral goods (old papers, pins, magnets, pretty much all advertisement goods, whatever you like!) and post it with both “#VintageEphemeraFriday” and “#VEF” tags so in the future others can search through the collective finds.

For my 9th VEF post I’m showing a small vintage photo I purchased at a flea market. I remember the seller had bins and bins full of photos for $1 each and I liked this little photo. The woman, “Luella,” is yelling something (I’m guessing at the photographer?) through the screen door.

 photo Luella1_zps49hfv1fn.jpg

I often find on older photos there is writing on the front, but older ones have it on the back– I’m guessing that changed when photos weren’t printed with a border? I wonder what she was saying…

 photo Luella2_zpspms1uvvk.jpg

I also love her stripe top– still fashionable over 70 years later!

Please feel free to join in and post your vintage ephemera finds here or on IG on Fridays! #vintageephemerafriday #vef