Retro Building Revamp on Whittier Blvd.

 photo FHBowlrevamp_01_zps1r06lzse.jpg

In 2015, Friendly Hills Bowl on Whittier Blvd. closed its doors. It had been a staple in Whittier for many years and I was concerned about losing the awesome “Googie” architecture on the famous street. Last Fall, Aldi supermarket and BevMo opened their doors on the property and I was happy to see they worked in some of the vintage elements from the original property.

 photo FHBowlrevamp_02_zps9ocx83yj.jpg

This sign once read “BOWL” with purple diamonds. I was so excited to see that they reworked the signage.

 photo FHBowlrevamp_03_zps9vtweamq.jpg

You can see the stone wall and strong lines on the roof– these were all from the bowling alley.

 photo FHBowlrevamp_04_zps176bhs67.jpg

I shot these in October when BevMo had just opened and Aldi was nearly open. You can see the “Friendly Hills” sign which is original design but with updated color. The diamonds below used to read “bowl”– I love that signage from the bowling alley was still able to be used.

 photo FHBowlrevamp_05_zps0okipdf7.jpg


 photo whittierdailynewsFHbowlimage_zpstuxbeh86.jpg

This image is from the Whittier Daily News site and you can see the original “bowl” signage before it was redone. The link to the story is here.


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