Epcot/HWS Area Hotels

July is Amerikitsch’s WDW month– I visited the parks in December 2014 and I thought it’s time to post about my trip. Check back all month for Disney related posts!

This post will cover the Yacht and Beach Club, as well as the Boardwalk hotel.
These hotels are great if you plan on visiting Epcot or Hollywood Studios because they have ferry access.

 photo Epcothotels01_zpsgagfgkxu.jpg

The Yacht and Beach Club resorts are ‘sister’ hotels and share the same property and some amenities. I visited by car and had trouble telling the hotels apart. However, inside the Yacht Club felt a little more formal.

 photo Epcothotels02_zpsltnte1p4.jpg

We parked in the backlot and walked through the Vacation Club area. It was fun to see that some of the vacationers decorated their balcony!

 photo Epcothotels03_zpsdmtf78mq.jpg

This pretty statue was in the back of the property.

 photo Epcothotels04_zpsumqwjht2.jpg

Since we came in the back way, I think we had come through the VC space. They had this nice library nook. I’m not sure if it was open to all guests or VC members– since we were there off season, there weren’t many people around.

 photo Epcothotels05_zpsr3thmhzn.jpg

One of the reason I highly recommend visiting the hotels, especially the deluxe hotels, during the holidays is that they have these incredible gingerbread displays! This carousel was functional and spinning around. The hotels that have these gingerbread displays also have commemorative pins with the yearly design.

 photo Epcothotels09_zps0d41swhi.jpg

Beaches and Cream is a cute ice cream shop/diner on the Beach Club side. It serves food, but it is a very small space with only a handful of tables. When we were there, it was a hour wait to eat. Instead, we just got a scoop of ice cream, which has a separate counter. There are a couple tables outside if you wish to eat it there.

 photo Epcothotels06_zps7fkb43sz.jpg

This is one of my favorite views from the trip– looking outside the Beach Club and across the water to the Boardwalk Resort.

 photo Epcothotels07_zps1uawirgl.jpg

Here is the ferry that accesses stops at Epcot World Showcase, Hollywood Studios, the Swan and Dolphin, Beach and Yacht Club, and the Boardwalk. This is not a quick trip, more of a leisurely pace. It’s quite enjoyable if you’re not in a big rush.

 photo Epcothotels08_zpsg3ms59ef.jpg

The Boardwalk literally gives the look and feel of an old-timey boardwalk with lots of buildings. They have shops and restaurants along the walk way.

 photo Epcothotels10_zpsvxrsjrzr.jpg

The Boardwalk hotel has vintage Americana and nautical inspirations. It was my favorite resort of all that I visited!

 photo Epcothotels11_zpsstw8fz5n.jpg

I loved this chandelier with the Neptune design.

 photo Epcothotels12_zpsxp9s4wbg.jpg

The Boardwalk also had a gingerbread project in the lobby– they had an ice cream stand! It was so cute and my favorite gingerbread display. The seals with Mickey and Minnie holding ice creams were also very similar to pins sold at the Soda Fountain in Los Angeles.

 photo Epcothotels13_zpsnyya45df.jpg

They also had pressed penny machines that were decorated in style of the hotel.

I hope this post gives you an idea as to the style of these hotels. These are all deluxe properties, meaning they are on the higher end of pricing. If you are there during the holidays, go visit and check out the decorations and gingerbread displays!
My dream is to stay at the Boardwalk some day! Where would you like to stay? Let me know in the comments, thanks!


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