A Trip to Epcot (Part One)

July is Amerikitsch’s WDW month– I visited the parks in December 2014 and I thought it’s time to post about my trip. Check back all month for Disney related posts!

 photo Epcotday1_01_zps9cwlp7s8.jpg

Disney’s Epcot is easily divided into two sides: Future World (the “science” side) and World Showcase (the countries side). This first post will be about the science side. The main entrance brings guests through the science side with the iconic orb.

 photo Epcotday1_02_zpsl4sttw6d.jpg

Inside the orb is Spaceship Earth, a ride through the history of communications and technology. It was a little goofy, but fun. After the ride there was a big space with computer games. It wasn’t really my interest, but there were lots of people checking it all out.

The Innoventions buildings were… not as full of Disney magic as I had expected. I went into a few because I was collecting the pressed pennies but they felt like the booths at the county fair. I would really love to see Disney executives offer up space to more major companies and see what they could come up for the travelers. Imagine visiting the Apple section or Tesla section, teaching kids about technology in a fun, interesting way!

There were two popular buildings– The Land and The Sea. We visited The Land which includes the Soarin’ ride, a Lion King film about ecology, and Living with the Land, a boat tour through an area where they grow food for the park.

 photo Epcotday1_03_zps5z4iex86.jpg

They had cute holiday touches to the Land ride. We got to see fruits, veggies, and fish.

 photo Epcotday1_04_zpsgj774us6.jpg

There is a beautiful food court inside the Land building; I loved this hot air balloon decoration on the ceiling.

 photo Epcotday1_05_zpsmr4edfgt.jpg

We did not have a meal here, but many of the foods had ingredients from the space visited on the Land ride. I did get this red velvet treat!
I cannot speak about The Sea building as we didn’t have time to visit. There are a few other rides, including the Test Track, Mission to Mars, and a Figment ride (“Journey to Imagination”). One of the strangest shows is Ellen’s Energy Adventure. It’s a show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres that was filmed about 20 years ago and also stars Bill Nye and Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s a mix of screen show and then becomes a bit of a ride, and then back to a show. I thought it was interesting in a strange way, but it is quite long (about 45 minutes) so I don’t think it will hold children’s attention.

 photo Epcotday1_09_zpstxso8qsx.jpg

The Coca-Cola shop is a fun place to visit and you should definitely try the flavors from other countries. It’s true about the Beverly. I tried it and it wasn’t as bad as I thought at first, but the after-taste was bad!
Visiting during December, there were lovely holiday topiaries in the many planted seating areas.

 photo Epcotday1_06_zpsphxtupjk.jpg

 photo Epcotday1_07_zps0y8pb24y.jpg

 photo Epcotday1_10_zps4gwueklp.jpg

 photo Epcotday1_11_zpsumftpy5m.jpg

 photo Epcotday1_12_zpsngty608h.jpg

 photo Epcotday1_08_zpsclfy7g2s.jpg

My favorite topiaries were these Mickey’s with Santa hats. They were in front of Mousegears, one of the best shops in any of the parks. I definitely recommend visiting it; I purchased a backpack there I never saw in any other parks.

 photo Epcotday1_13_zpsxols3q0w.jpg

The orb is absolutely beautiful at night. Look at the colors! **TIP: if you are a pin collector, there is an outdoor pin shop with some tables near by. This is a spot to trade with others and pick up new pins.**

 photo Epcotday1_14_zpspfvshopl.jpg

This is a day-night collage I posted on IG I had made on the ride home from Epcot.

Overall, there were a few fun spots in Future World, but if I go again I’d spend more time on the World Showcase side. If you’re a shopper you should visit Mousegears, and teens would probably love Test Track and Mission to Mars. Future World opens before World Showcase, so you might want to get to the park right when it opens, check out the science side for a couple hours, and then head over to World Showcase.
Have you visited Epcot? What was your favorite attraction?


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