Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

July is Amerikitsch’s WDW month– I visited the parks in December 2014 and I thought it’s time to post about my trip. Check back all month for Disney related posts!

 photo BOGpost01_zpse2opu3va.jpg

In my second Magic Kingdom post I talked about ‘Be Our Guest,’ the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant. It was such a fun time I thought it deserved its own post!

As you can see, the entrance used forced perspective to create the view of the Beast’s castle off in the distance. It looks like it’s far away, but the entrance is underneath.

 photo MKday2_04_zpszjsvcwtd.jpg

 photo BOGpost02_zpss5milngy.jpg

There are great touches even outside the restaurant with theming recognizable from the film.

 photo MKday2_05_zpszau29t2n.jpg

As I mentioned in the other post, I had tried to get a reservation and they were full. Luckily, they had a test market for lunch and we got in. You place your order on a touch screen and then find your own table in the main room. Using the magic bands, they’d bring out your food when ready.

 photo MKday2_07_zpsio2acyly.jpg

The main room looked straight out of the movie! It was very large with many tables. Two other themed rooms were full, too, and I believe those sections were for people who had reservations.

 photo MKday2_06_zpsyfbepivr.jpg

One of my favorite touches was the soda fountain. It was a walk-up self serve and also looked like it was from the movie.

 photo BOGpost04_zpsaghwx3tv.jpg

It was December when we visited and they had some lovely decorations! There was this beautiful tree up against a faux door. Behind the windows was a screen that made it appear that it was snowing outside! So pretty and festive!

 photo BOGpost03_zpsdvqgcm8o.jpg

They had many wreaths and garlands throughout the restaurant, but my favorite detail– they had ornaments shaped like characters in the movie with a stain glass design. Too cute! I was surprised they did not sell these ornaments in the park. Too bad, I bet they would be popular.

 photo BOGpost06_zpsj5qzoxvr.jpg

Before leaving, we checked out the other reserved rooms: The first, lighter room had artwork from the movie and a large rotating figure of the Beast and Belle dancing.

 photo BOGpost05_zpspmbethqe.jpg

Many people were taking photos of the rooms, so expect a little bit of a wait.

 photo MKday2_09_zpsrdxzuo8q.jpg

The darker room was Beast themed. It was very dark, too dark I think if you have older people in your party or those who have vision problems. But it was very popular because this is where the rose is!

 photo MKday2_10_zpsixtw3pqj.jpg

There was a line to see the rose, but not too much space around the tables. Just be mindful of the people eating before shooting flash photography.

Overall this was one of my best meals on the trip, both in food and experience. I loved seeing all the design and decorations and the meals was tasty! I recommend it (try and get a reservation!) for anyone visiting the Magic Kingdom and hope to visit again myself.

 photo MKday2_11_zpsn6smlf9s.jpg


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