A Trip to Magic Kingdom (Part Two)

July is Amerikitsch’s WDW month– I visited the parks in December 2014 and I thought it’s time to post about my trip. Check back all month for Disney related posts!

 photo MKday2_01_zpstqrctxoa.jpg

This is the second day at the Magic Kingdom, check the previous post for other MK pictures and info. The second day we spent most of the time in Fantasyland. After we got in the park we made a mad dash to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

 photo MKday2_02_zpsrp0jc9i7.jpg

The wait was about a hour long, but the queue had great designs to keep you entertained while you’re waiting. My favorite queue spot was the barrels full of jewels– be sure to spin them around (move fast!) for a great surprise!

 photo MKday2_03_zps90s2uvdm.jpg

It’s a cute and fun ride that is similar to Big Thunder Mountain with a Snow White twist. My favorite spot was actually at the end right before the carts go back into the station– **TIP: at the end of the ride keep your eyes to the right near the house for a surprise you can’t see from the other side.**

 photo MKday2_04_zpszjsvcwtd.jpg

Our next stop was such a surprise– I walked over to ‘Be Our Guest,’ a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant, to see if I could take photos inside. I had tried to make a reservation before we left but they were all booked up. The lady outside said no one can go in for photos unless they’re eating there. I had told her that I had tried to get a reservation but couldn’t. She then said that they were testing out a new lunch program and if I got in line now I’d probably get in. My folks and I rushed to the line, even though it was a little early for lunch. We lucked out, because they cut the line not too far behind us.

 photo MKday2_05_zpszau29t2n.jpg

The line moved into this decorated hall with menu information. We then moved into another room with little stations where you placed your order on touch screens. We then went out into the main room for open seating. It may look familiar to you…

 photo MKday2_07_zpsio2acyly.jpg

The main dining area looks straight out of the movie! It was so beautiful and there was festive holiday garland all over.

 photo MKday2_06_zpsyfbepivr.jpg

Even the self-serve soda fountain fit in the theme! Lunch was served in carts and it was delicious! I had the Croque Monsieur and I’d get it again; we were all surprised at how tasty the food was considering we were at an amusement park. **TIP: walk through the other dining rooms before exiting to enjoy all the design details.**

 photo MKday2_08_zpskdmature.jpg

This was the brighter room with a spinning figure of Belle and the Beast.

 photo MKday2_09_zpsrdxzuo8q.jpg

This darker room was beast-inspired and has the rose inside.

 photo MKday2_10_zpsixtw3pqj.jpg

 photo MKday2_11_zpsn6smlf9s.jpg

This mural is at the exit of Be Our Guest.

 photo MKday2_12_zpscmvnvoiq.jpg

After lunch we spent time in Fantasyland. We watched Mickey’s Philharmagic, which is a fun 3D show with Donald Duck finding himself in many Disney musical scenes. This is inside the shop outside of the show. I wish that this was at Disneyland, it’s a clever show!

 photo MKday2_13_zpstwiubx21.jpg

This is a shot from Fantasyland. It’s very cute and has many of the same dark rides as Disneyland.

 photo MKday2_14_zpskmb7wotz.jpg

The biggest surprise compared to Disneyland is that the “It’s a Small World” ride is just in the mix of rides in Fantasyland. As you probably know, the ride in California is much more distinctive.

 photo MKday2_15_zpspie70mrb.jpg

I’m a fan of ‘Tangled,’ and was excited to see that there was something in the park for Rapunzel, but it was… a bathroom. It’s in a little walkway that connects Fantasyland to the Haunted Mansion. I did love the frying pan and lanterns, though!

 photo MKday2_16_zpsrfgsahmm.jpg

Also in Fantasyland is Gaston’s Tavern! It’s a great spot for a quick snack and to rest your feet.

 photo MKday2_17_zps7kqjfgwy.jpg

The decoration inside is great and they have a collectible Gaston stein– it comes with a tasty apple drink!

 photo MKday2_18_zpswsmcntbz.jpg

I loved the antler chandelier!

 photo MKday2_19_zpshqt8baxq.jpg

Another cool edition near Fantasyland is Storybook Circus. It has a few cute rides, a water feature area that is great for the Summer, and a shop that looks like a big top tent!

 photo MKday2_20_zpsizpwj2rr.jpg

My favorite detail in this area is the peanuts and elephant foot prints in the ground. It’s such a fun addition to the circus theme.

 photo MKday2_21_zps5wbieqvf.jpg

There were walkways with grassy areas between Storybook Circus and Tomorrowland. That’s where I saw these cuties! I loved that one was wearing a Mickey hat. I will say that there were quite a few dogs around the park. I believe that most of them were training to be guide dogs.

 photo MKday2_22_zpsixse8n1c.jpg

We didn’t get much time in Tomorrowland (the parks have earlier hours in the Winter), but we did get to ride the People Mover! I do miss that in California and enjoyed riding around and getting views of Tomorrowland and the castle.

 photo MKday2_23_zpshixs88kb.jpg

During the 2014 holiday season, there was a ‘Frozen’ light show with Elsa lighting the castle. It was so beautiful and a great end to a fabulous day.

As you can see, the Magic Kingdom is very large and if you are able to spend multiple days there, I highly recommend it. It will be a couple long days with lots of walking, but it’ll be worth it to any Disney fan! I hope to visit again someday!


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