A Trip to Magic Kingdom (Part One)

July is Amerikitsch’s WDW month– I visited the parks in December 2014 and I thought it’s time to post about my trip. Check back all month for Disney related posts!

 photo MKday1_02_zpslwhgttqa.jpg

As a life-long fan of Disneyland, I was excited to visit the parks in Florida. My family and I visited for two weeks and I’ll be breaking up posts for each park.

 photo MKday1_01_zpsrhbrwsg9.jpg

First up is a trip to the Magic Kingdom. We visited the week after Thanksgiving after reading it was considered a ‘slow period,’ but as you can see from the crowd, it wasn’t exactly empty. The most notable difference from Disneyland as we walked down Main St. was how big the castle is, nearly double in height! The Main St. also felt wider and roomier than at Disneyland.
The set up of Main St. is the same, including the fire department on the left side of the entrance.

 photo MKday1_03_zpsya1tqego.jpg

There was some type of ‘sorcerer’ trading card game going on where kids would place cards near specially-designed windows to play out little video clips. I had no idea what was going on, but I got to see a couple of the window displays and they looked really cool! Here are some of the posters:

 photo MKday1_04_zpsciqvemz9.jpg

Going into the castle, there are incredible wall murals telling Cinderella’s story. Walk through the castle early to enjoy them– luckily I had some nice people willing to pause while I snapped these.

 photo MKday1_05_zps0jhxupzg.jpg

They are so beautiful and detailed in person; definitely worth a visit!

We visited Liberty Square, Adventureland, and Frontierland on the first day. We had lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern and it was delicious! **TIP: I highly, highly recommend making reservations for any sit-down restaurants before you visit. You can begin making reservations within 6 months; the sooner the better.**

 photo MKday1_06_zpsvocgef1f.jpg

Liberty Square is an area that Disneyland does not have, and it’s cute with little shops and storefronts. There’s even a porch with rocking chairs. My mom and I especially like a Christmas shop in the area. I don’t know if it’s there year-round but it’s great for the holidays.

 photo MKday1_07_zps9qcezurb.jpg

It was disappointing to find out that the Haunted Mansion was closed for our entire stay. I snapped this photo because I love that each park has a different interpretation of the mansion architecture.

 photo MKday1_08_zps6eefoskq.jpg

Across from the Haunted Mansion is this great store, Memento Mori. It’s all Haunted Mansion themed merch, like the shop in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. I picked up a sweatshirt and wanted to buy everything else!

 photo MKday1_09_zpsiqsjelwq.jpg

I was so excited to see that the Country Bears is still showing in Florida! It was taken out in California years ago and I keep hoping that it will make a comeback at California Adventure. Surprisingly, they do not do the holiday show like Disneyland used to, but it was still fun to see.

 photo MKday1_10_zps9ozqtxfg.jpg

We saw the Enchanted Tiki Room, too. It was set up a little different than Disneyland, with a pre-show while you wait in line. They also have an orange ice dessert similar to the dole whip, yum!

 photo MKday1_11_zpsgpchosdq.jpg

Also in Adventureland is a magic carpet ride. It’s like the Dumbo ride, but watch out for those camel- they might spit!

 photo MKday1_12_zpsisw1ln6u.jpg

The castle looked so beautiful on our first day, everyone was stopping to take pictures at dusk. We walked through one side of Main St. shops and it was already time to head home!

**TIP: If it is possible for time, I recommend at least 2 days for Magic Kingdom. It is quite large and if you want to go on a lot of rides you will see that you’ll quickly you run out of time.**

 photo MKday1_13_zps1eu9ui3s.jpg

This is a shot just outside of the entrance as we walked out. Tomorrow I will post Part Two which will include shots from the rest of the park.
Have you visited MK? What was your favorite attraction? Let me know!


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