A Trip to Cabana Bay Resort

 photo UnOr_CB01_zps3fvi5buo.jpg

Seeing that it is now officially Summer, I thought it would be a good time to post my pictures from my visit to the Cabana Bay resort in Orlando, Florida. I did not stay in the hotel, but walked around and I absolutely loved it; It is a vintage fan’s dream come true! You feel like you’ve stepped into an episode of Mad Men or a film on TCM. The lobby is bright and airy with fantastic vintage-inspired signage.

 photo UnOr_CB02_zpsaggf4lpy.jpg

The front drive has this awesome Googie inspired architecture and the exterior walls have fun pops of color!

 photo UnOr_CB03_zpsklzmkgpa.jpg

I took these in December 2014 so there may be a couple of shots with holiday decorations (check the silver tree!), but the decorations overall were minimal. With the sunny skies and warm Florida weather, it felt like a nice May day over being close to Christmas.
A really cool touch in the lobby was this stack of vintage luggage. They were built to stay and people were stopping to pose with them. I love these design choices that add to the theming of the hotel.

 photo UnOr_CB06_zpsxfahupbc.jpg

Inside the lobby was a lounge area with a bar called “Swizzle.” There was also a shop with hotel and Universal Studios merch.

 photo UnOr_CB04_zpsoobit1aw.jpg

The vintage theming continued outside for the pool area. There were separate hotel buildings surrounding a pool, bar, cabanas, and even a volleyball court.

 photo UnOr_CB05_zps6sndzxvt.jpg

The outdoor bar is space-race themed with a rocket ship with Ham, the “astro chimp”, painted on it.

 photo UnOr_CB07_zpspey3lxuk.jpg

 photo UnOr_CB08_zpsycfrjjg2.jpg

 photo UnOr_CB09_zpswipxxg0m.jpg

I love how each building has it’s own kitschy title atop the roof like you’re looking at individual retro hotels.

 photo UnOr_CB10_zpseg3iinyd.jpg

Back inside, the dining area is set up like a vintage cafeteria. There are different stations to purchase food and drink and then there is a large dining area with huge screens showing vintage clips and commercials.

 photo UnOr_CB11_zpsdivtc19f.jpg

Seriously, can I just move in? I didn’t want to leave!

 photo UnOr_CB12_zpswkd6afun.jpg

Even the graphics are so well thought out. I have so many more signage posts from this visit that I will make another post just for them!

 photo UnOr_CB13_zpsd7ps8d0v.jpg

Outside the diner are 4 classic cars parked in the drop off area. Like the suitcases in the lobby, these are permanent fixtures that only add to the vintage story of the hotel. The commitment to theme and attention to detail make this one of my favorite hotels ever… and I haven’t even spent the night here! Just from visiting for an afternoon and walking around, I know that I will be back here someday and I definitely want to check out their rooms. I bought one of their refill cups at the diner because it had cute kitschy graphics. It’s my little token of Cabana Bay love until I can visit again.

So, have you ever stayed at the Cabana Bay? Is it everything I dream of and more? Let me know about your experience and if you have a favorite “kitschy” hotel (true vintage or just inspired!) that you have visited.
Hope you’re summer is off to a great start!


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