A Trip to Knotts Berry Farm Park

 photo KnottsSummer05_zpsxrcxikoi.jpg

Located in Buena Park, KBF is just a hop, skip, and a jump away (seriously, like, 7 miles) from that really famous theme park in Anaheim. It definitely has a different vibe than that other park, with two major focuses: roller coasters and its western “ghost town” area. It can be a lot of fun to walk around and enjoy its theming as well. Here are some pictures from a trip I took with my family.

 photo KnottsSummer01_zpsrq93qjrc.jpg

There is also a shopping center with a restaurant famous for its chicken dinners at the front of the park. I will cover that in a separate post in the future.

 photo KnottsSummer02_zpsoeunzah6.jpg

Interestingly, one of my favorite areas in the park is a section I can’t ride a single ride: Camp Snoopy! It is specially designed for the youngsters with less intense rides with height maximums. What I love (and what I’m always looking for) is the great theming and decorations. It looks like a campground area with Snoopy, Woodstock, and friends found throughout this section of the park.

 photo KnottsSummer04_zpsgb1jshap.jpg

Some of the kid rides.

 photo KnottsSummer03_zpsxt3ypqjo.jpg

There is a shop in the Camp Snoopy area with this cute clock detail above the door.

 photo KnottsSummer06_zpspyebuxpp.jpg

There is a lot of greenery and walkways with some snack stands and benches. It looks like a good place to slow things down after the roller coasters and let the kids have fun. I love the characters “fishing” in creek.

 photo KnottsSummer07_zps6lerc8fy.jpg

Passed Camp Snoopy and into Fiesta Village there is this beautiful swing ride. I love the art work on the ride! There is also plenty of places to grab a quick bite and also an arcade.

 photo KnottsSummer08_zpsodtl8ynq.jpg

Past Fiesta Village is the Boardwalk area. There are roller coasters and fair-type games where you can win stuffed animals and other toys. If you’ve learned anything from this blog it’s that I love the retro aesthetic so this 50s diner is one of my faves. The colors plus the palm trees in the back make this area feel extra “beachy.”

 photo KnottsSummer09_zpswqnzsnf6.jpg

Even though I enjoy theme parks, I’m not much of a ride person, at least not a roller coaster rider. But KBF has the Calico Mine train which is a fun little train ride that takes you inside the mines– there are miners “working” inside and the formations look natural and beautiful. It’s a fun ride for people like me who don’t want to go flipping upside down.

 photo KnottsSummer12_zpsiehxjg32.jpg

Next to the Calico Square is the famous ghost town. It feels like an old timey western town, and there may be some western “characters” walking through the area. They have a graveyard near the gold panning with clever signs. Be sure to find the gravesite that has all the footprints on it. Go step on it and read the sign.

 photo KnottsSummer13_zpsqrmsrgxx.jpg

There a lot of cool buildings in the Ghost Town. They have food spots (watch funnel cake get made!) and shops, even a few museums.

 photo KnottsSummer10_zpsvhux8rr9.jpg

There is also a saloon that has stage shows throughout the day. Check inside for times.

 photo KnottsSummer14_zpswzk6gojl.jpg

I love this photo op spot by the blacksmith in ghost town. We have many family photos over the years from here.

 photo KnottsSummer11_zpscycreofc.jpg

These are some of the iconic benches at KBF, if you live where KBF broadcasts commercials you’ve probably seen them. They’ve had a few paint changes over the years but they are still fan favorites.

That’s it for my KBF park photos. I will make other posts for the Marketplace in front and also a post on a Western Museum they have inside the park that is full of awesome antique treasures.

I definitely recommend visiting this park if making a trip to Southern California. If you’re a roller coaster fan, you’ll definitely like the rides. I personally love the ambiance and vintage-inspired touches. It is also known for its Halloween Haunt, so if you’re planning on visiting in the fall I’d check their official website for schedule changes.

If you have any questions I can help with regarding a trip, please let me know!


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